The Pathfinder Program is an active part of the Sweetwater Community Church for members 50 years and older….those who are ready to turn a new page in their life, mature enough to know we are not youngsters, but young enough to have fun!

“…they shall bear fruit in older years; they shall be fresh (full of sap), green and flourishing…” Psalms 92:14.

Do you enjoy social events designed to help you become better acquainted with others and develop lasting relationships?  Our gatherings provide opportunities to build and develop relationships through fellowship and service with those who believe in Him.  We are all following our path to Jesus through unexplored territory.  We believe “the sweetness of the journey” is one where we never stop growing in our relationship with God and with each other.

We welcome new members.  The group meets monthly for a shared meal on the second Sunday of the month.  Occasionally an outing to a place of mutual interest is planned.  Fundraisers are held to assist with church or mission projects.

As an established Church group, the Pathfinders enjoy a reputation as….

• Church members dedicated to the Lord’s work promoting Christian fellowship within the group and throughout the church body.
• Devout spiritual anchors respected for their maturity
• Strong financial contributors
• Enthusiastic volunteers

For more information on Pathfinders please contact Richard and Sharon Hatch at